Savings Notice to Insured Patients

Did you know even those with health insurance can benefit from a Discount Prescription Card? Of all the prescriptions filled using a Discount Prescription Card, unfortunately 70% are ironically filled by insured patients for the following reasons:

  • Medication is not Covered by the Plan
  • Patient exceeded Prescription Coverage Cap
  • Discount Cost is Lower than Copayment
  • Health Plan does not cover Prescription Drugs

The Phoenix Healthcare discount card is designed for each of the above scenarios. Print a card, there's a good chance this program will help you save on your prescription!

Simply present the Phoenix Healthcare Discount Card along with your health insurance card and ask your pharmacist to process your prescription with the plan that provides you with the lowest cost.


Savings Notice to Pet Lovers

Cat and Dog - Discount for Pets at Phoenix Healthcare.comMany prescriptions prescribed for your pet can be filled at your local retail pharmacy.


Most of your Phoenix Healthcare participating pharmacies will fill your pet's prescription at the same great discounts provided to you and your family members.


Prior to filling your pet's prescription at your retail pharmacy, Print a card and present it to your pharmacist at the point of sale. There's a good chance this program will help you save on your pet prescription!